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Theme for 2023:

‘Putting students at the heart of design and planning’

2024 Speakers
'Reinventing the Estate to Elevate Student Experience'

James Garner

James Garner
Digital Operations Director | Gleeds

'Can AI improve delivery of student accommodation stock?: Opportunities and Risk'

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the student accommodation sector presents a transformative opportunity to address the critical challenge of student accommodation shortages. By leveraging AI, we can streamline project delivery, enhance decision-making processes, and optimise resource allocation. AI technologies such as predictive analytics and machine learning can forecast student accommodation demands, identify optimal construction sites, and improve supply chain efficiencies. This not only accelerates the pace of student accommodation development but also ensures that projects are aligned with future needs. Embracing AI in our approach to student accommodation stock delivery can significantly mitigate shortages, offering a smarter, more efficient pathway to meet the growing demand.
Tom Fotheringham

Tom Fotheringham
Associate | Stanton Williams

'Transforming Rhodes House'

With significant but considered interventions, Stanton Williams have transformed the Rhodes Trust’s historic headquarters in Oxford, doubling its usable space and significantly improving its environmental performance. In a highly constrained site, the project has provided new conference and meeting spaces, office and bedroom accommodation, whilst sensitively restoring the listed building and gardens. It will enable the expansion of the Rhodes Scholarship programme, providing a place – in line with the Trust’s mission – ‘Where difficult discussions and different points of views can be shared and challenged by people of all backgrounds and nationalities’.
James Traynor

James Traynor
Managing Director | ECD Architects

'Pathways to Net Zero in Education Buildings'

This presentation will consider a variety of Higher Education buildings in a single campus and the routes to net zero. This will outline the challenges, barriers and solutions to set a long-term path to net zero.
Richard Le Sueur

Richard Le Sueur
Director - Commercial Team - EMEA | The International Wellbuilding Institute

'How WELL Supports Higher Education Across Campuses'

An overview on how IWBI through the WELL Building Standard (WELL) supports the Higher Education sector from the lecture theatre to student accommodation.
Proposed outline:
  • Overview of IWBI & WBS
  • Existing uptake of WELL in Higher Education globally & UK
  • How we apply WELL to Higher Education across Campuses and now with WELL for Residential
  • Overview of Works with WELL – how suppliers can get involved

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