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Speakers at the hee forum 2020

LSE Centre Building Project

Tracy Meller, Partner and Architect, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (RSH+P).

In October 2013, following an International Design Competition, RSHP were appointed help the LSE realise their ambitious brief for a new teaching and faculty building which would embody the values of the institution by promoting collaboration and excellence.

RSHP partner and project Lead Tracy Meller proposes to talk about the journey that has taken them from concept to completed building.

The Impact of Accommodation Environments on Student Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Claire Jackson, Education Director, Galliford Try & Ian Pratt, Director, Scott Brownrigg.

There is increasing concern over student mental health & wellbeing and the importance of creating suitable living environments which enable students to thrive has never been more relevant.

Galliford Try and Scott Brownrigg commissioned a roundtable discussion involving university estate managers, student accommodation operators and wellbeing professionals and have published “Impact of accommodation environments on student mental health and wellbeing” a comprehensive report. 

Department for Education driving Modern Methods of Construction

Scott Tacchi, Head of Modern Method of Construction, Department for Education.

Scott Tacchi, Head of Modern Methods of Construction, Department for Education will be giving a presentation on how MMC is being integrated as core strategy for delivery of modern schools. At the beginning of January, the Department for Education (DfE) launched its new £3bn DfE Offsite Framework, also known as the MMC1 framework, following completion of the evaluation of tenders.

The new framework is next step in the evolution of offsite construction of school buildings following on from the previous successful DfE Modular frameworks. The framework will utilise the next generation design in standardised school design which builds on earlier component design approach to offsite construction and incorporates the changes to the standard Output Specification (OS).

Delivering Sustainable Modular Construction

Andy King, Technical Director, Modular and Portable Building Association (MPBA).

A presentation to change the perception of modular construction within the education estate. By showcasing value for money through DFMA, reduced construction waste, reduced carbon emissions, reduced programme times, all coupled with exciting architectural design.

Aaron Taylor, Principal and Sector Lead, Stantec. 


Stargazing: Predicting the needs and behaviours of our future residents

Bobbi Hartshorne, Global Head of Student Wellbeing and External Relations, GSA Group

Taking insights from several Gen Z articles and emerging trends in other industries we will explore how these could translate into the higher education world. Combining this with our early experience of this generation in the past 3-years, we will forecast what demands they might place on us, particularly in reference to their accommodation requirement.

As HE becomes increasingly globalised, how can Universities and accommodation operators adapt their product and service offering to meet the needs of this globally homogenous generation whilst balancing their cultural differences?

Looking closer to home, how will our domestic student body change its behaviours and what could we do to support them over the coming 5-10 years?

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